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Silvana Bilicska B.S.

Founder and Administrator

I have been working in the medical industry since 1995. In 2010, I bought a mild hyperbaric oxygen chamber to help my husband fight lymphoma, who is now in partial remission. As I learned more about hyperbaric oxygen therapy, I realized how crucial oxygen is to our body's healing process. My passion for helping people guided me into opening Obispo Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy and making this healing modality available to all my clients. I look forward to helping you heal and feel renewed.

sorina carabeth

Sorina Carabeth M.D.

Medical Director

Dr. Sorina Carabeth earned her medical degree at the Institutul de Medicina in Timisoara, Romania, where she practiced general medicine and psychiatry. She immigrated to the United States where she became board certified as a psychiatrist. In 2004, she began training in anti-aging medicine.  During this training, she was introduced to hyperbaric oxygen therapy.  Over the years, she has continued her education in Hyperbaric Medicine.  She saw what a valuable therapy this was and how much it benefited her patients. 



Medical Director / Hyperbaric Expert

Dr. Ratansi specializes in the treatment of brain injuries and other neurological conditions using hyperbaric oxygen therapy. He lectures worldwide on the use of hyperbaric oxygen therapy for neurological conditions and has played a leading role in implementing protocols on the use of hyperbaric therapy in the mainstream medical setting. He also has been extensively trained in Environmental Medicine and has helped implement safe detoxification and cleansing programs along with hyperbaric oxygen therapy within the spa industry helping to advance Medical Spas throughout the world.


The information presented on this website is not intended as a basis for diagnosis or treatment and does not constitute a medical recommendation for individual health conditions. Content should also not be considered a substitute for care under a licensed medical professional. OBISPO HYPERBARIC supports the FDA for your full informed consent.

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