Hyperbaric therapy

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) is a medical treatment which enhances the body's natural healing process by inhalation of 100%oxygen in a total body chamber, where atmospheric pressure is increased and controlled. The increase in pressure allows more oxygen dissolve and saturate the blood plasma in order to reach the cells of the body which has many healing and therapeutic benefits. It is used for a wide variety of treatments usually as a part of an overall medical care plan. The increase in pressure allows more oxygen to reach the cells of the body which has many healing and therapeutic benefits.

treatable conditions

The FDA approves hyperbaric treatments for: Decompression Sickness, Gas Embolism, Carbon Monoxide and Cyanide Poisoning, Gas Gangrene, Selected Aerobic and Anaerobic Soft Tissue Infections, Osteomyelitis, Intracranial Abscess, Management of Fungal Disease, Radiation Injury to Tissue, Exceptional Blood Loss/Anemia, Crush Injury/Compartment Syndrome, Ischemia Reperfusion Injuries, Skin Grafts and Flaps, Healing in Selected Problem Wounds, Treatment of Thermal Burns.

the hbot process

100% oxygen will be administered for the full duration of the treatment, which normally lasts for 60 to 90 minutes per session, and this procedure can be repeated twice per day with a 4-hour break in between. For chronic or hard-to-heal wounds, this dosage is typically repeated daily from anywhere between 10 and 80 hours. Pressurizing the chamber takes 5-10 minutes (up to 25 min.). Allow up to 1.5-hours for each treatment session.


about our chambers

Our clinic exclusively uses Oxyhealth chambers. OxyHealth equipment has forever changed the way the medical industry practices hyperbaric therapy. Since their inception, they are devoted to providing quality and brilliantly safe portable hyperbaric chambers to physicians, professional athletes, wellness centers and families. All OxyHealth chambers are designed for patients to easily self-treat, which has fostered a cutting-edge trend in hyperbaric technology.



OxyHealth chambers continue to have the industry’s best safety record that extends throughout their product line. Patient safety during treatments is the principal assurance that we provide to all of their users. All chambers are evaluated by experts through a vigorous multi-point inspection and are certified to provide patients with safe and long-lasting functionality. Your safety, health and well-being remain their highest priority.


top of the line  EQUIPMENT

All Oxyhealth chambers are constructed and assembled in the U.S.A. Their portable chambers are made of powerfully durable 44 oz. double-sided urethane. The dual zipper and control valve technology provides patients with the ability to self-treat. The steel chambers are made of reinforced steel construction with handsome powder coated baby blue finish. Both types of chambers have tamper-proof redundant pressure regulators and angled air-in port maintains consistent circulatory air flow. All chambers are made from non-toxic materials and are entirely equipped with medical grade components.



The information presented on this website is not intended as a basis for diagnosis or treatment and does not constitute a medical recommendation for individual health conditions. Content should also not be considered a substitute for care under a licensed medical professional. OBISPO HYPERBARIC supports the FDA for your full informed consent.

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