2017 Lecture CALENDAR

2017 Educational Lecture series “45 Minutes” that you don't want to miss!!! these webinars are hosted at our clinics and have appetizers provided.


* Want to look good, feel great! Some forms of weight loss can be harmful to your health. Do it the right way!

Lose weight and gain health at the same time.

* Find out which diet is best for you.

-There are many diets out on the market claiming to be the best. Learn how to incorporate the best one for yourself.

* Speed up your metabolism.

- Gain a better understanding of all the factors that play a role in your metabolism and work on improving your body's own metabolic speed.

* Lose the fat, lose the chemicals.

- There are numerous dangerous chemicals that are actually stored in your fat. Give the body a healthy loss of these harmful chemicals while at the same time helping the body to metabolize and lose the “Toxic Fat”.

* Enhance your current weight loss program.

- As part of your New Years resolution, you may have already purchased or are actively participating in a weight loss program. Make the best out of these programs.

february: Proper blood flowIt’s the 'Heart' of the matter!

* All tissue, organs, & body systems ultimately rely on good circulation.

Poor circulation is a hallmark for the aging process and an inability to properly repair from damages and function appropriately. 

* You don’t want to miss this lecture If you are afflicted with any of the following:

-Poor Circulation

-Heart Condition


-High Blood Pressure

-Low Energy & Libido- Aging

APRIL: Time for Spring Cleaning — Detoxify the body!

* Feeling toxic, slow, run down — well, It’s time for an annual cleanse

* The air that you breathe, the water you drink, and the food that you eat are all laden with dangerous chemicals that slow down the body.

* Learn how to help your body to safely eliminate these dangerous chemicals out of your body.

* The health affects are dramatic for the immune system (especially those diagnosed with cancer), the brain/nervous system, and the hormonal system in your body. 

MAY: Mental Clarity — Keep your mind … working!

* Tune up your memory, gain better focus and attention, and improve your memory and reaction time!

* This lecture applies to all ages; children & students looking to achieve better results in school, adults at work, and the elderly with short-term memory decline.

JUNE: Skin Deep  — Time to look good & radiate your beauty!

* We will cover ways to improve the quality of your skin for those who have skin problems like:

- Acne, psoriasis, eczema

- Wrinkles

- Sagging skin

- Cellulite

- Dry skin

* Learn the essentials of proper skin care techniques and find out what beauty products are right for you (from facial products right down to various sunscreens out on the market today).

* Keep in mind, for the best, long-lasting results, beauty works from inside out.

JULY: Take a break and relax  — Enjoy your summer

* The summer is a time to receive a true gift from nature — R & R!

* Chronic stress and anxiety can take its toll on the human body and it is from a cumulation of stressors that can be related to your diet, lifestyle,environment, emotions, and even bacteria/viruses inside your body.

* Take our simple 5 minute task that will help you identify the true stressors in your environment.

* Learn simple techniques that will help your body ‘de-stress’.

* Build up the body’s stress-handling capabilities so that you can effectively improve your body’s reaction to stressors.

AUGUST: Summer love  — Time to get Fertile

* Reproductive problems including fetal development is now becoming a major concern and fertility rates are at an all-time low.

* Rates of developmental disorders like autism are sky-rocketing.

* This lecture is critical for those who wish to:

- Improve your fertility (for both women and men!)

- Have a healthy pregnancy- increase the chance of having a healthy baby.

SEPTEMBER: Stay Positive  — Don’t Be Depressed!

* Depression is a year long struggle for many people and for those seasonal sufferers, September is the month that it will normally start.

* Tackle this treatable disorder through a step-by-step approach and guideline that will be revealed during this presentation.

OCTOBER: Support your immune system  — Don't get sick! 

* As winter approaches, the most vulnerable organ system in the body is the immune system, particularly for the elderly.

* Immunotherapy is a biological therapy that focuses on building the immune system, rather than focusing on the infection.

* This presentation will go over the pillars of immunotherapy, giving you a chance to have the strongest possible immune system for the up coming winter months.

NOVEMBER: Pain Management  — There is an alternative!

* November is a time that many “snow birds” travel to warmer climates to help manage their arthritis and other pain disorders!

* It’s been reported that over 1/5 of North Americans suffer from inflammatory-pain related disorders and are taking medications.

* This lecture will focus on cost-effective pain management from home techniques to in-clinic services.

DECEMBER:  Insomnia  — Time to sleep! 

* While some animals hibernate for months during the winter, many humans cannot even get one night of good sleep!

* Sleep is when the body repairs and regenerates tissue and gives much needed rest for the body.

* Find out how you can improve your sleep and your quality of life.


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