2017 Lecture Series

2017 Educational Lecture series “45 Minutes” that you don't want to miss!!! These webinars are hosted at our clinics and have appetizers provided.

JULY 2017

Lectures happen on the second Tuesday of every month. Next lecture is July 13th, 2017 at 5:30pm.  

Take a break and relax  — Enjoy your summer

* The summer is a time to receive a true gift from nature — R & R!

* Chronic stress and anxiety can take its toll on the human body and it is from a cumulation of stressors that can be related to your diet, lifestyle,environment, emotions, and even bacteria/viruses inside your body.

* Take our simple 5 minute task that will help you identify the true stressors in your environment.

* Learn simple techniques that will help your body ‘de-stress’.

* Build up the body’s stress-handling capabilities so that you can effectively improve your body’s reaction to stressors.


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